Our technology

The technology we’re developing will create real-world benefits, from helping develop more cost-efficient, environmentally-friendly personal electronic devices to creating a more efficient way to harness renewable energy.

Why graphene?

Graphene is a single layer of graphite; an array of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal honeycomb lattice. Graphene is expected to enable energy storage devices with several new features that do not exist in the current technology. Nanotech Energy is working on converting this dream into a reality.


1 million times
thinner than
a human hair


200 times
than steel


Stretches up
to 20 percent
of its length


6 times
than steel


The world’s
first 2D


Carries electrons
at 1 million metres
per second

How we make graphene

To extract graphene from graphite, Nanotech Energy uses simple chemical compounds that insert oxygen atoms between the layers of graphene, converting it to graphite oxide which falls apart in water forming individual graphene oxide sheets. These sheets can be converted back to graphene using proprietary chemical, hydrothermal and photothermal methods.

Graphene inks

Similar to conventional printing, printed electronics applies ink onto paper, plastic or other substrates. Because electrical conductors are essential for printed electronic devices, significant efforts by Nanotech Energy have been devoted to the development of functional conductive materials. Graphene and graphene-based materials have superb electronic structure and therefore can provide excellent properties including high chemical and thermal stability as well as outstanding electrical conductivity.

Graphene & related products

Since it was discovered more than a decade ago, graphene has attracted interest thanks to its unusual electronic, optical, mechanical and electrical properties which opens the door for a wide range of technological applications. However, the production of functional graphene materials on a large scale is still challenging but Nanotech Energy is about to change this game

Nanotech Energy offers graphene oxide and graphene products in different formulations that are designed to be customized for every kind of use. Because of this, Nanotech Energy’s graphene products have the potential to revolutionize graphene industry with applications in batteries, transparent conducting electrodes, functional inks, flexible displays, antistatic coatings, RFID antennas to name but a few.

The power to
change the world

Nanotech Scientific Board Members, Richard Kaner, PhD, and Maher El-Kady, PhD, have developed a scalable way to create graphene supercapacitors. Here, they explain the wonders of graphene and their game-changing discovery.