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Jack Kavanaugh

Dr. Kavanaugh’s background as a physician and a business executive has led to the development of an unusual skill set.

Dr. Jack Kavanaugh’s talent for discerning what’s truly innovative and an ability to accurately gauge the commercial potential of a given research project, start-up or company, has resulted in an impressive array of business accomplishments.

Dr. Kavanaugh has developed and managed companies at every stage – from inception to successful sale – creating industry-leading products and investor profits. Although his work spans a number of industries, he has focused on the health and science technology sector, capitalizing on his background in medicine and business to lead mergers, acquisitions, turnarounds, and corporate strategic development and initiatives. Dr. Kavanaugh is especially proud that the companies he has led have made a significant positive impact on society and the welfare of people everywhere.

Among Dr. Kavanaugh’s business accomplishments: As CEO and Chairman of ZetaRx Biosciences, Inc, he successfully combined the intellectual property from three globally-recognized health care and research institutions, assembled a highly respected management team, and lead the development of the FDA clinical trial strategy. In late 2013, ZetaRx was sold, becoming the core of Juno Therapeutics, which went on to have the largest biotech IPO of 2014, attaining a market cap of approximately $6 billion. Recently, Juno reported 91% clinical trial complete remission of terminal cancer patients treated with their immunotherapy. In January 2018, Celgene announced a $9 billion deal to purchase 90% of Juno Therapeutics.