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We’re turning graphene and other nano materials into safer and more powerful products – with highly-customized solutions to fit any use case.


By combining the best of both batteries and supercapacitors, Nanotech’s cells have achieved great density, power and cycle life.


Nanotech has developed a number of generations of Superbatteries – batteries that have properties of batteries as well as properties of supercapacitors. By combining the best of both batteries and supercapacitors, Nanotech’s cells have achieved great density (how much power it can hold), power (how fast it can charge and discharge) and cycle life (how many times it can charge and discharge and still be able to store significant energy).

Nanotech’s Generation I has been designed not only to maximize the three most important metrics of energy cells – density, power and cycle life, but also to achieve the greatest safety. Nanotech’s Generation I contains no silicon. Silicon is used to increase the amount of energy that can be stored, however it expands and contracts approximately 400% with each charge and discharge, and therefore subjects batteries to the risk of shorting and fires. This is felt to have been the problem with Samsung 7 and multiple other batteries still being used. The other safety factor is that Nanotech’s Generation I has lower resistance, and therefore less potential for heat production and fire as has occurred at charging stations for EVs.

Applications include: auto, smart phone, smart pad, computer, solar energy, wind energy, grid stabilization, aerospace, internet, power tools, medical, defence, and anywhere electrical energy needs to be stored or delivered.

Nanotech is planning Generation III and IV super-batteries with different chemistries that will increase the density.

Nanotech energy has the full capability to meet specific requirements and can produce large quantities.

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