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Graphene Oxide

The first graphene samples were obtained by peeling off a single layer of graphite using a scotch tape. While this process is simple and straightforward, it is not practical for graphene manufacture. Nanotech Energy uses graphene oxide as an alternative method due to its hydrophilic nature that enables its processing from water on a large scale.


Our process demonstrates better control over the carbon/oxygen content and exhibit much higher surface area than any of the graphene oxide samples available in the market.

In addition to its use as a precursor to graphene, graphene oxide can be used in a variety of applications from surfactants, photonic and optoelectronic devices to water filtration and protective coatings. We can also control the oxidation level of graphite oxide which has a direct impact on its chemical and electrochemical properties.

Nanotech Energy offers graphene oxide in the powder form, paste, solutions with variable concentrations and as films. Additional parameters we can precisely control are the sheet size, concentration of graphene oxide in the dispersion, solution pH, the type of solvent used for making the dispersion and purity level as a function of the carbon content or the ionic conductivity of the graphene oxide solution.

Nanotech energy has the full capability to meet specific requirements and can produce large quantities.

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