The (Super) Supercapacitor

the way we power your world

Imagine a world where charging your device happened in just a fraction of the time with an energy storage system that runs three times longer than traditional batteries. Hyped as the material of tomorrow, graphene is the future and Nanotech Energy is the world’s top supplier of graphene, graphene oxide and graphene super batteries.

Our mission

We want to revolutionize the way we power your world by taking graphene-based energy storage from the research laboratory to the marketplace.

Revolutionize personal electronic devices

Make renewable energy
more viable

Increase the
use of electric vehicles

Our technology

We're harnessing the power of graphene, a new material which is hard to describe without a heavy dependence on superlatives. It’s easy to see why it’s been hailed as the wonder material of the 21st-century.

Why graphene?

Why graphene?

1 million times thinner than a human hair

Why graphene?


200 times stronger than steel

Why graphene?


Stretches up to 20 percent of its length

Featured products

We're turning graphene and other nano materials into safer and more powerful products – with highly-customized solutions to fit any use case.

Featured products

We are leading the charge to turn graphene and other nano materials into safer and more powerful products with our Graphene, Graphene Oxide and Graphene SUPERbattery solutions. We offer highly-customized graphene oxide solutions to fit any use case.

Research &

See the exciting work we're doing to increase innovation of our products and processes.

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Our team

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scientists, engineers and doctors.

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